How can we help you or your business?

  1. Household chores

  2. Organizing

  3. Lifting and Moving

  4. Paperwork, Planning, Scheduling, Finances and Taxes

  5. Fix gadgets or computers (Best with Mac)

  6. Help with social networking or Blog

  7. Website Templates and creation

  8. Wellness Consultations and Support

  9. Anything else that you just don’t seem to find time to do

Prices for BJC HELP & Handyman Services:


                           Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera

Jay has experience and expertise in doing almost anything.  He is a quick learner and can many times just watch someone and then repeat what they did.  He is friendly, fun, and easy to understand and communicate with.  He can also speak spanish which comes in handy.    Jay would love to help you or your business anyway that you need help.  Jay has experience starting and running numerous organizations, non-profit and for-profit, and can do taxes, finances, budgets and planning.  He has experience in operations including planning, facilitation, budgeting, group dynamics, conflict, non-violent communication, marketing, and much more.  Jay also has experience as a Wellness Support Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Pranic Healer, and is great with computers and building simple websites.   I’m sure he can exceed your needs so give him a call.











Rate (First Come First Served)






Dirty Jobs (Cleaning Mold/ Dust/ Toxins etc...)

Technical (Computer Help, Manuals) Cleaning

Planning, Secretary, Paperwork, Shopping ...

Normal/Simple Jobs (Organize, Tiding, Fix ...)


H E L P   &   H A N D Y M A N   S E R V I C E S

At Your Service

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BJC At Your Service is here to help you with anything that you could need help with.  We are located in Palo Alto, California, but are able to travel to your location.  We can do household chores, organizing, digital design, flyers, websites, simple mobile apps, business support, personal assistance, finances, taxes, facilitation,  wellness, energy work, cleansing, nutrition, holistic alternatives, interdisciplinary and complementary wellness and more.  Just let us know what it is that you need and we will happily and friendly help you to achieve your goals. Work is paid hourly and you can see prices bellow.  Our goal is to be as helpful as possible.

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(650) 4343-BJC (Voice Mail)

(415) 323-5833 (Personal Cell)

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